Mobile App Builder Advanced Local Storage

Advanced Local Storage

Advanced Local Storage is specifically for people who want their users to be able to utilize large local storage inside the app. All apps come with basic local storage which is usually used for shopping carts and checkouts on an e-commerce app. However, if you wanted to create a music app that allowed an offline play feature, you would need Advanced Local Storage to allow for songs to be stored locally on the user’s phone.

Advanced Local Storage would be needed for advanced features or abilities such as offline usage or needs to store media/items in the app.Here are just a few examples:

  • Offline Navigation
  • Offline Music¬† or video play
  • Offline Images and Camera use
  • Offline shop that allows products to be stored locally (users can still shop even when there is no internet connection)

If you are not sure if you need Advanced Local Storage we encourage you to send us a support ticket request explaining in detail your situation. We will help you figure out if Advanced Local Storage is needed.

*** Please note *** While you may allow Local storage, the actual capacity is still limited to the individual user’s phone. Even if you allow 10Gigs of space in your app if the user does not have 10Gigs of space free on their phone, they will not be able to utilize the 10Gigs you allowed.

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