You will need this if you working in construction, nursing, sports or doing any type of physically straining job. The fascial guns are stimulated by high-frequency-vibration, which can reduce the adhesion between muscle and fascia, stop sports injury. Features:
  • Focus on your neck, back, waist, shoulders, feet and legs to help you relax.
  • It can effectively relieve pain caused by lactic acid accumulation after exercise, relieve sedentary and long-term muscle discomfort, and improve blood circulation.
  • Six different interchangeable massage heads for different areas to meet your massage needs.
  • Ergonomically designed grips minimize external-vibrations, relax your body and give you a comfortable massage experience.
  • Built-in large-capacity-battery, lasts for a long time.
  • Wide application, can be used in offices, homes, gyms, travel, etc.
  • Low noise, comfortable to use.
  • Twenty speed adjustment, high frequency.
  • LCD display, intelligent touching button.