Special Feature Add-on's
Boost your app functionality

Building integrations so you can seamlessly drag and drop building your app.

Drag and drop mobile app builder support specialist

Support Specialist

Dedicated Representative who will help you design and build your app. Our specialist is a dedicated person who is assigned to you and is fully trained in our system. They work one-on-one with you to help develop your app and achieve your goals.

Priority Integration

If you need an integration or feature that is not currently available, you can skip the Integration wait line. While we are always adding new integrations and features, they are generally prioritized by how many people request them. You can skip this request process and get your integration or feature immediately.

APP Publishing

We will publish your App on the Android and iOS Market for you. If you do not have a developer account for either Market you are allowed to use our Developer Account and publish under our account.

Build Your Mobile App The Way You Want - FAST

“If your website can do it, so can your mobile app! That is the beauty of our MAD system”
(Mobile App Development System)

Hosted Apps

A Hosted app is an app that has a admin/backend on our servers. You can build and design right on our website. This option is best if you don’t have a wordpress website or don’t want a wordpress website.

Non-Hosted Apps

A Non-Hosted app is an app that is built and designed on your wordpress website. You manage your app and content directly from your own website. We only convert and give you your app files.

We Have You Covered!

Contact our Solutions Team by Phone Or Skype and lets talk about what you need. We are constantly adding in new integrations and will work with you to get you what you need.